Teaching the Power, Wisdom and Love of God!


Adirondack Christian School is not accredited by New York State, nor would it desire to
be.  ACS is approved and accredited by a much higher authority - God, Himself. Our aim is to honor Him and His Word. ACS has historically surpassed the average national public school outcomes in every grade and in every subject. Graduates of ACS are able to continue their education in any college of their choice.

ASSOCIATION                                                                                                                                Adirondack Christian School is a member of the American Association of Christian Schools
(AACS) and of the New York State Association of Christian Schools (NYACS). 


The administrative and instructional staff of Adirondack Christian School is chosen for its ability, and is well
able to perform its work.  Standardized achievement tests, administered annually, show our school to be performing well above the national average. 


The high school program offers three diplomas: 
College Preparatory, General, and   Vocational.  Music, Speech,
French, Spanish, and Computer Skills are among the electives available to our
high school students.



Adirondack Christian School is a ministry of the Calvary Baptist Church of Wilmington,
NY.  The school teaches salvation by grace through faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the historically recognized fundamentals of the faith.  


ACS is a conservative, Christian school and exists to uphold and teach conservative, Christian standards of speech, behavior, and appearance.  Any student whose desire is to honor the Lord will find ACS to be a peaceful, orderly and enjoyable haven.    

DRESS CODE                                                                                                                                

ACS students dress modestly, neatly and conservatively.  There is no school uniform, but students are
asked to dress to honor God, as His representatives.  


From Preschool through 12th Grade, the ABEKA curriculum (developed by Pensacola Christian College) and the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum (A.C.E.) are used.  These curricula place a strong
emphasis on phonics, reading comprehension, English and mathematics. They are excellent academic programs enhanced by the Christian philosophy we believe to be essential for our students.
Students’ DVD instruction is interspersed with seat work in textbooks and workbooks.  Frequent quizzes and tests are taken in each subject. A Supervisor or Assistant is on hand to answer questions and assist students with testing, or any other needs. At Adirondack Christian School we teach that Christ is our living guide for life, and that the Bible is our written guide for life.  Therefore, emphasis is placed on having a personal,
daily relationship with Christ, and on becoming very familiar with the Bible.


The typical morning begins punctually at 8:45 with “The Opening” - a cheerful welcome, the reciting of our pledges, singing the song for the week, and other engaging activities. Following the opening, students move to their classrooms or learning centers and begin the day’s schoolwork.  Some participate in a virtual classroom via DVD and headphones, participating in the activities of the class they are watching just as though they were physically present in the DVD classroom. Others read texts and work in accompanying workbooks.  Group classes are interspersed throughout the week’s schedule. Working at their own speed, some students are able to complete all of each day’s “classes” and homework by the end of the school day.  Other students may have some homework to do. Time is set aside each afternoon for students to participate in fun and exciting extracurricular activities. The school calendar includes Field Trips and other exciting activities, rounding out the students’ education. Attendance at ACS is an enjoyable, beneficial, and life-changing experience.    

General Overview of ACS

A Ministry of Calvary Baptist Church

Adirondack Christian School